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6 Responses to “about”

  1. fabian schwellenthin said

    hi i am from germany and wrote you some time ago , but lost the email …

    i really like your stuff and if they have the same qualety as the raein shirt i got at fluff they are great .

    which shirt are still for sale i need the size s on fruit of the loom shirts .

    kisses and wish you the best

  2. Boris said

    Just lovely!

  3. Cristian said

    Ciao, ci siamo sentiti qualche giorno fa telefonicamente, volevo sapere se hai ricevuto la mia mail con i sample delle stampe.

  4. xavi punq said

    good design!!! good music raein and la quiette! 8 april raein play in zaragoza? we are from girona, near france, and we’ll hope driving girona-zaragoza to see raein and enjoy!

    fantastic works!


  5. eiman nosrati said

    hi sermina,
    i am an iranian man and i find your designs on the internet from google. it is so nice that you ade every thing by hand. your designs and your crow was nice.
    i wish tranquil soul for you

  6. Yara said

    I like you work

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