here we are again…

April 6, 2009

there is a difference between the music that i like and the music i get complitely obsessed with. there are some bands that became something like a drug to me, and I just have to listen to them for weeks, I play just one record several times a day, sometime I can listen to the same song over and over on repeat for hours. It happen to me 10 years ago with the portraits of past LP, and some years before with “the crew” from 7 seconds and “pleasant dreams” from ramones. and last year it happened with “L’oceano delle onde che restano onde per sempre” from neil on impression, 2 years ago with “pink opaque” from cocteau twins and “Script of the  bridge” from the chamaleons and 5 years ago with the self titled jesu LP. the last addiction I had was for the tamaryn CD. I cannot explain how good is that record. yesterday I screenprinted the cover and the blank side of the limited edition of “weather war” 7″ out now on hell yes records(50 copies limited with golden print), and it’s such a big satisfaction to work on stuff that i love so much. PLEASE check it out, this’s something more that good music, this’s pure awesomness:




raein new shirt and dj slipmats! illustration by



suinage! designed by luca yety who also co-produced their record:


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