paolone is gone

January 29, 2009

yeah. paolone the scorpion is gone, I don’t know where. I hope is not hiding himself between shirts, paper or anything else where I’m used to put my hands in. I have some news: I’m working with some amazing artists to print some new “t-shirt  d’autore”, the first shirt will be available next week  together with the last clio and alessandro baronciani’s shirts. I gonna do a new section for this, where It will be possible to do orders. I’m so excited and proud about the upcoming stuff, it’s great to have really talented friends!

here’s some of last week prints.


here’s another heartfelt design by my friend giuseppe. 2 color print on really amazing shirt, it’s a new brand called earth positive, it’s 100% organic fair trade cotton, don’t be fool and order @  they’re limited to 30


center italy old school indierockers label!  designed by tommaso “the next door guy” ranzana


italy’s prime minister silvio berlusconi can do everything. sometimes i think that the song “wasted” from black flag is  dedicated to him considering what he says/does.  this’s scena new t-shirt (out soon screenprinted LP, check it later)


if the whole band is as crazy as the drummer we have a dangerous band 🙂


patches are cool and underrated, make me do more! they are fun to print and cheap.


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