January 4, 2009


Thanx to all the people that I enjoyed to work with in 2008 (which are not all the people I worked with)
chronological order: neil on impression, ED, the death of anna karina, neid, la quiete, taciturn, misskull clothings, tornado ride records, dojo clothings, kontra, venezia, cotidie mori, anemone, gi joe, dune, contrasto, alessandro baronciani, cowboy prostitute, Isaiah, alone, mastic, 555 records, les bondage, vlvrd, my awesome mixtape, cani pazzi, museo marino marini, insooner, sons of vesta records, adagio830 records, death before work, after the bombs, agipunx records, Jennifer gentle, agatha, downright, raein, limited no art gallery, killer elite, tiger shit tiger tiger, Kenny, the art of seppuku, forest yell, radio onda d’urto, banjo or freakout, altro, nicotine records, heavy metal romagna, galleria di plastica, rehabs, ND shop, carried out, indie-gestione, le tormenta, Thomas ray, react with protest records, tafuzzy records, anthitesis, tumorati di dio, Magdalene, dine in hell, morning woods, kobra khan, Tristan tzara, chewingum, resando, khere, cebio electric orchestra, stanic studio, khatawat, sangue dischi, ¼ morto, first true primavera, die tonight, the conflitto, ovo, brilliants, maps, aknees, the end of 6000 years, vulturum, chenese dama, unhip records, dance tonight records, faster pussycat kill kill, ape must not kill ape records, treehorn


One Response to “2009”

  1. Guillaume said

    And infinite thanks to you Mic !!!


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