back to work

November 20, 2008

img_5742img_5743img_5745chinese dama, a punk screamo band from arezzo, a small city where there’s a lot going on. this record is a big DIY coproduction, i’m very proud how this print turned out

img_5729the death of anna karina, they don’t need any other words:

img_5730img_5733altro cult:

img_5738new band from Steiermark, Austria:




3 Responses to “back to work”

  1. andi said

    great, great, great! the death of anna karina shirts, as well as the fpk!k! shirts turned out so awesome. and the covers for the upcoming chinese dama 7” are sick! were they printed on black/grey paper with purple, yellow and white ink? looks amazing dude:)

  2. callmeorca said

    hey buddy!
    thanks for that invitation, but i have to work:/ it would have been so great to finally meet you. but i thinks ther will be a chance later:) the cover is awesome. how much time was needed to print them and what kind of color did you use?thx dude!

  3. Giuseppe said

    bellissime stampe come sempre!

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