raeiny days

October 28, 2008

some brand new shirts

raein.it & myspace.com/raein

this’s raein il n’y a pas de orchestre cd cover, previously released in 2003 this’s the 4th repress. silver ink on black cardboard, 100% handprinted & (unfortunately) handfolded : ) soon to be available @ http://www.apemustnotkillaperecords.com

raein’s next show will be in this venue:

vlvrd is the only good venue to have good wild underground music shows in our tiny town forlì http://www.myspace.com/arcivv

flyer proudly designed by serimal:


2 Responses to “raeiny days”

  1. franz said

    bella michè,
    viste le novità portate un pò di merch allo show al valverde o devo chiedere a te direttamente???
    yo yo.

  2. andi said

    hey michele! these shirts are amazing! especially the new raein shirts and the 4th press of the album is incredible! the first shirt – is is an lightyellow or white? love your new stuff like everything!

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